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Wojciech Puchar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> >> anyone know something good.
> >>
> >> good=simply, works well, preferably no or minimal GUI.
> >
> > The most reliable is 'net/ekiga'. I've run into problems with
> > 'net/kiax' and crossing NAT. That was nearly two years ago so it
> > may
> for now kiax works for me (but no NAT), just they automatic gain
> control and noise reduction should be disabled, as it works funny
> at least :)
> thanks

Sweet! I am currently in the process of drinking a large amount of
Jagermiester so this may not make to sense.

The problem I originally ran into is that behind goat fraging NAT I
would run into issues receiving calls. The problem I ran into is that
even though it is suppose to tranvese NAT with out issue,I would
never receive incoming calls. In more recent tests I ran into issues
with it and seg faulting like it just fraged a goat.

The situation I was running into problems with was with asteresik
behind NAT as well as the IAX using client. It is a known issue, or
was then. Search the Asterisk archives for this email address if you
interested in it some more.

That goatse.cx issue was why I originally switched to that fraged
solution that uses that POS of using the goatseing Gnome stuff. One I
get a bit of spare time I am going to wring something that uses

Any ways, have a great night! May your nights be as bathed in the
mercury vapor glow as mine are.

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