On Sun, 12 Oct 2008, ton80 wrote:

I am trying to install FreeBSD.
During the install (actually at the beginning of the process) the system
hangs indefinitely.
When it gets to the select country screen...it is frozen.
During the boot process, as it is reading all the hardware, it finds the USB
controller OK then later it states there was an IO error and that the USB
controller is halted. I have a USB Keyboard and mouse...so I would say the
problem is here.
Is there any workaround I can use to get things going?

Set "USB Legacy Support" to disabled in the BIOS. If that isn't available, it might work to boot with the keyboard detached. Connect it after the BIOS boot, at the FreeBSD bootloader prompt or maybe at the country select screen.

-Warren Block * Rapid City, South Dakota USA
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