On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 09:57:22AM -0600, Warren Block wrote:
> On Sun, 12 Oct 2008, ton80 wrote:
>> I am trying to install FreeBSD.
>> During the install (actually at the beginning of the process) the system
>> hangs indefinitely.
>> When it gets to the select country screen...it is frozen.
>> During the boot process, as it is reading all the hardware, it finds the USB
>> controller OK then later it states there was an IO error and that the USB
>> controller is halted. I have a USB Keyboard and mouse...so I would say the
>> problem is here.
>> Is there any workaround I can use to get things going?
> Set "USB Legacy Support" to disabled in the BIOS.  If that isn't  
> available, it might work to boot with the keyboard detached.  Connect it  
> after the BIOS boot, at the FreeBSD bootloader prompt or maybe at the  
> country select screen.

I don't see how this would solve or even affect his problem.

As I understand it, "USB Legacy Support" is intended for operating
systems which do not have a USB stack available to them, thus making USB
keyboards/mice appear as PS/2 keyboards/mice within MS-DOS and so on.  I
believe the way it works is that the BIOS acts as a software translation
layer between the USB device and PS/2 interaction.  This translation is
lost the instant interrupts are re-mapped or the southbridge/USB
controller is initialised.

The OP is making it past boot2/loader, the kernel and all its drivers
are fully loaded (including the USB stack).

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