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> Manish Jain wrote:
> >
> >Hi,
> >
> >I am poor at networking and need a little bit of help. My dad has a
> >Windows 2000 machine with a network card but does not have a  
> >connection
> >to the internet. My freebsd 6.2 box is connected to the internet and  
> >has
> >2 network cards, rl0 and rl1. rl0 connects to the ISP and rl1 is
> >directly connected via a long Ethernet cable to the NIC on my dad's
> >machine. While I can access the internet easily, I want my dad to be
> >able to connect to the internet with my freebsd box serving as the
> >gateway. Can anyone please explain to me in easy steps how to  
> >accomplish
> >this ?
> >
> Although to many old-timers this is easily achieved, to someone new to
> networking it is difficult to explain it in "easy steps". It involves  
> a set
> of pieces that have to fit together correctly in order to work. You will
> need to do some proper reading on the underlying concepts first.

You wrote the same mail 6 times (at least) to the mailing-list; I've
checked the Message-ID lines, all are diffrent:


please stop that; thx

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