Giorgos Keramidas wrote:

Hi Manolis & everyone else,

`ipdivert.ko' works fine as a module too.  You don't really *have* to
recompile the kernel, but we probably have to update the relevant
Handbook bits to mention that `ipdivert.ko' can be kldload'ed now.

Adding a few options in `loader.conf' should preload IPFW and DIVERT in
the running kernel:


Then the rest of the `rc.conf' options described in the current text
work as expected.

I can't boot my 6.2-RELEASE installation today to verify that this works
in that version too, but if you have one around and it seems to work,
let me know and I'll handle the doc bits :-)

FWIW, both modules load fine in my VMWare based 6.2-RELEASE.
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