David G Lawrence wrote:

>> Dear Customer,
>> It has been brought to our attention that some or all of the information
>> associated with your domain name FREEBSD.ORG is outdated or incorrect.
>> These types of complaints are brought to our attention in one of two
>> ways.
>> The most common type of complaint is received from the Internet
>> Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN is the
>> non-profit corporation responsible for accrediting domain name
>> registrars. ICANN requires domain name registration customers to keep
>> their account information current. ICANN mandates that outdated contact
>> information can be grounds for domain name cancellation.
> Michelle,
>    The registration information for freebsd.org is correct. The only thing
> that is out of date is one of the email addresses ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), which I
> have tried to change, but have been unable to due to a problem with the
> Network Solutions website.
>    I don't know who reported that the information was incorrect, but they
> are mistaken. I will additionally follow up in the other ways mentioned
> in your message.

ICANN requires registrars to verify the domain info once a year. I just went
through this with GoDaddy. I think the registrars see this as an
opportunity to market services. Different registrars bungle their marketing
effort in different ways. GoDaddy sent me instructions on what to do in
order to correct errors, but had absolutely nothing on how to proceed if
the information was correct. So I viewed this as something they could take
advantage of in order to get me to their site for a "hard sell" campaign.


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