> Dear Customer,
> It has been brought to our attention that some or all of the information
> associated with your domain name FREEBSD.ORG is outdated or incorrect.
> These types of complaints are brought to our attention in one of two
> ways. 
> The most common type of complaint is received from the Internet
> Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). ICANN is the
> non-profit corporation responsible for accrediting domain name
> registrars. ICANN requires domain name registration customers to keep
> their account information current. ICANN mandates that outdated contact
> information can be grounds for domain name cancellation.


   The registration information for freebsd.org is correct. The only thing
that is out of date is one of the email addresses ([EMAIL PROTECTED]), which I
have tried to change, but have been unable to due to a problem with the
Network Solutions website.
   I don't know who reported that the information was incorrect, but they
are mistaken. I will additionally follow up in the other ways mentioned
in your message.


Dr. David G. Lawrence
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