Hmm. I'm trying to avoid using Procmail at all costs since we're currently on a Sendmail/Qpopper configuration that I can work with. But it may turn out that the only way around this IS to go with that. Thing is, I'd like to stick with what we have and make it work with that rather than totally ripping our our MTA and throwing in a whole brand new one we know nothing about.

At 02:39 PM 2/20/03 +1100, jacob rhoden wrote:

On Wed, 19 Feb 2003, Dragoncrest wrote:
> Hi all. Is there a simple way to remove a single email from a mail file
> using an automated script of some kind? Like combining grep with some
> other stuff like that? I'm looking for ideas to get rid of rogue
> emails. The other couple haven't exactly been a stellar success yet. Can
> I setup something that will search a mail file, find a given sender, and
> then just nuke the message without hurting the mail file? Thanks everyone.

I am not sure if you want to work on an existing file, or future mail
files. If it is future mail files then you probably want to use a program
which can stop the mail getting in the file in the first place. If this is
the case look up 'procmail'. It allows you to read a mail and do an action
on it through your .forward file.


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