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> I bought an original DVD but I cannot play that in my car's audio
> player. Is there a tool that I can use to get the songs off the DVD in
> WAV format, or even MP3?

If the DVD does contain standard audio CD format data, there should
be no problem. First, check the contents:

        % cdcontrol info

(I'll assume that /dev/acd0 is the drive the DVD is inserted into.)

Then you can access every track via /dev/acd0txx, where xx is from 01
up to the number of tracks. Tracks can be copied from the DVD with
the dd command:

        % dd if=/dev/acd0t01 of=track01.cdr bs=2352

These usually are Audio CD data files: 44 kHz stereo, 16 bit. They can
be put on a media as audio tracks without any change, for example if
you use cdrecord with the -dao -audio flags (if I remember correctly),
using a CD or DVD media. You can convert them to OGG/Vorbis or MP3
using the encoder you wish, for example:

        % oggenc -r -q 6 -o track01.ogg track01.cdr


        % sox -x track01.cdr track01.wav
        % lame track01.wav track01.mp3

(ugly variant, but works; I'm sure you'll find a better way, just
have a look at the manpages).

If you want, you can add ID3 track information, or simply use a good
file name. :-)

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