Jeremy Chadwick wrote:
On Fri, Oct 24, 2008 at 10:50:39AM -0500, Kevin Kinsey wrote:

For various reasons, I find myself in need of an MTA
accepting submission on a port other than 587 (or 25).

It'd be Real Nice(tm) if sendmail could Just Do It,
but I'd be willing to look at other options as well,
as long as I can get a good spam solution to play nice
with the server (currently I'm running dual-sendmail
with Amavisd-new and spamassassin).

Anyone doing such a thing, or have a few hints handy?

It can do it.

See the DAEMON_OPTIONS macro in your /etc/mail/ file.
(Remember: DO NOT edit directly).  Here's a hint:

And here is a snip from a box I run sendmail on port 24.. It is from the [hostname].mc file:

dnl Enable for both IPv4 and IPv6 (optional)
DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Name=IPv4, Family=inet')
dnl DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Name=IPv6, Family=inet6, Modifiers=O')

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