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On 20081025 10:18:01, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
I'm looking to buy a new workstation that needs to be able to run in
64-bit (long) mode (working with large data sets). What are my options
for 3D acceleration without binary drivers? My needs are quite minimal,
I'm not running any games.

you actually need 3D accelerator or just fast 2D card?

if second - buy for <<50$ (or get for free) used computer, lowest end
pentium will suffice, plug good PCI graphics in it, and make an X terminal
to connect to your high-speed computer.

there is one more adventage of it - you may connect more than one :)

Unfortunately, yeah, I do need 3D acceleration. I'm not running any games
but I am doing some OpenGL development (should've said that in the first
place, really).
Wojciech Puchar wrote:
afaik openGL always requires local display

I would guess the development and testing will be done on the same machine.
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