Em Ter, 2008-10-28 às 07:41 -0700, Dánielisz László escreveu:

> Hello!
> I also had some fight with Adobe's Flash player, but unfortunately without 
> success.
> I remaing curios about any solution.
> Laci

Me too, I am using a "market"  aproach, that is:  
I intend to persuade a notebook producer, to sell the
machines with FreeBSD 7.x or FreeBSD 8.x 
about 3000 machines/month... and without the flash10
working. May  be in a month they will start shipping...
core 2, 2Gb memory, 250Gb disk, 12" display 1280x800, wireless,
camera. for about US$800

As I show them the numbers (about 40k machines/year...)
I hope they will make a FreeBSD port...

I count on people from FreeBSD list to show the numbers
to adobe....


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