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>> Sent by Glyn Millington:
>>> My solution was to install Wine and run the MS port of Firefox. So far
>>> it works flawlessly for me.
>> This has two problems:
>>   1. It requires a (licensed) Windows install handy.
> No it doesn't. The MS version of Firefox is running here under Wine with
> no problems and definitely no Windows.  Why do you think it needs a
> Windows install?
>>   2. The solution is only suitable for i386 -- not for amd64, which is
>>      what I'm using.
> Ah well, there you have me!
> Glyn
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>       What is not clear is do you run wine/firefox from the command line or 
> from
> within KDE or gnome?

An answer to this question and an apology for missing the question the
first time.  

Neither.  I use good old Fvwm, but actually launch MS Firefox from the
Rox filer.

I was surprised at how easy this was to set up.  I don't say it is right
or clever, but it does work, and I'm not so very interested in Flash that
I want to spend ages fiddling to make it work in the other ways that have
been suggested.  I'm getting older so like to pick my fights with care!


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