Hi Jack!

  Right now I have a Windows machine a FreeBSD natd/firewall then a
  cable modem.
This is working for web surfing. But I've been playing a lot of games lately and it doesn't work at all (for multiplayer/internet games).

As a fellow gamer, I've found that PF with stateful filtering has been a good firewall for my needs. Usually with stateful ruleset the games work out of the box, just when outgoing traffic is allowed and state is kept. There are some special situations where PF shines though, Asherons Call (or any other game using bidirectional UDP traffic) can be made to work with following configuration:

This to nat section:
binat on $ext_if from <my internal gaming IP> to <game server netblock or IP> -> $ext_if

Which should do the trick with some of the silly games out there using standard defined, but really rare kind of traffic.

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