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Wojciech Puchar <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> I discovered that adding -txcsum and -rxcsum (i.e.
>> disabling hardware checksuming) to the ifconfig
>> statement, the performance was as quick as it is
>> on that other OS!
>there is a lot of buggy chips produced today.
>normally the should go to thrash, but - what a problem - they put onto 
>motherboards so user have no choice. then they include windoze drivers 
>that simply disable non-working features and they are happy, not even 
>telling anyone about this.

Not technically correct. If you go into 'Control Panel' and access the
correct logs you will see what has transpired when the driver was
loaded. Most Window users do not want to be bothered with the details
of what happened; they just want it to work (actually, not a bad
concept). Think about it; if Microsoft actually displayed by default all
error messages they or the OEM would probably be inundated with
frivolous requests for support.

>unless you are buying motherboard for servers, DO NOT expect lan to
>work ;)
>it's my common practice.
>nvidia ethernet was the worst one (it never worked), but realtek
>gigabit ethernet on other motherboard needed the same as yours
>(-txcsum, -rxcsum) or it randomly drop packets, probably because it
>calculates checksums wrong.

I had a friend who used nvidia. They never complained about it. I will
see if I can find out what model and how they got it to work.


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