You need to keep something in mind here: Marvell does not give out
documentation for their cards publicly, so Yong-Hyeon has to
reverse-engineer and "tinker" with what he already knows.  Some hardware
feature do not work, others are buggy, others work fine on specific
revisions of the chip while later ones break.

Don't get me wrong - I appreciate that people are working in the
trenches on this stuff and thats great about FreeBSD.

I only switched to the Marvel .ko as it was suggested on previous
questions list, so didnt spend much time with the stock 7.0 driver.

And if you tell me "Well Linux has support for this chip!", I will throw
the following evidence back in your face: Marvell and other companies
are giving Linux developers development PCI cards to develop drivers
with (sometimes even before the card is out in the market), so Linux has
the upper hand here.  They are not doing this with the BSDs.

I guess even specs would be nice - hardware donations would be nicer though :)

I would urge you to go out and purchase an Intel Pro/1000 PT card

Funnily enough, in the back of my mind I had the same thought upon
seeing the words 'Marvell' amongst the mobo spec. Thats said at
least they made an effort on supporting multi OS

even if they are a precious with their specs etc With some Vendors its
Windos or nothing.
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