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> Subject: improvement idea of man page of strfile
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> Date: Thursday, October 30, 2008, 10:47 AM
> Original text:
>        What can you do with this besides printing sarcastic
> and obscene mes-
>        sages to the screens of lusers at login or logout?
>        There are some other possibilities.  
>        1      Include strfile.h into a news reading/posting
> program, to gener-
>               ate random signatures.  Tin(1) does something
> similar, in a much
>               more complex manner.
>        2      Include it in a game.  While strfile
> doesn't support 'fields' or
>               'records', there's no reason that
> the text strings can't be con-
>               sistent: first line, a die roll; second line,
> a score; third and
>               subsequent lines, a text message.
>        3      Use it to store your address book.  Hell,
> some of the guys I
>               know would be as well off using it to decide
> who to call on Fri-
>               day nights (and for some, it wouldn't
> matter whether there were
>               phone numbers in it or not).
>        4      Use it in 'lottery' situations.  If
> you're an ISP, write a
>               script to store login names and GECOS from
> /etc/passwd in str-
>               file format, write another to send
> 'congratulations, you've won'
>               to the lucky login selected.  The prize might
> be a month's free
>               service, or if you're AOL, a month free
> on a real service
>               provider.

Erm, I don't see this text in strfile(8) on RELENG_7 which is reasonably 
recent.  Where did you get your man page from?  
- mdh

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