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>> I have some serious issue. Sometimes something happens and my disk
>> usage performance find its limit quickly. I follow with gstat and
>> iostat -xw1, and everything usually happens just fine, with %b around
>> 20 and 0 to 1 pending i/o request. Suddely I get 30, 40 pending
>> requests and %b is always on 100% (or more than this).
>> fstat and lsof gives me no hint, because the type of programs as well
>> as the amount of 'em is just the same.
>> How can I find the PID which is hammering my disk? Is there an "iotop"
>> or "disktop" tool or something alike?
> top -m io -o total

Great, thats exactly what I was looking for, thank you a lot Mr Moran.

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