Suppose you have a system with multiple disks managed by a
hardware RAID controller in a RAID5 of RAID6 configuration,

what is "RAID5 of RAID6"???

To FreeBSD it will look like e.g. a single large drive.

If you want to extend your disk space by plugging in an extra
disk, the hardware RAID controller will probably detect it and
add it in his management, but will it be seen by FreeBSD?

FreeBSD will see larger drive.

you then have to fix partition table (use bsdlabel -e)

fix c partition to be actually sized of whole drive, and then

a) add new partition(s) for new space
b) extend the size of last partition and use growfs

How can you make the added disk-space available for FreeBSD.
Can this be done without shutting down the system? How??

i don't think FreeBSD can be told to reget device info from controller when partitions of that device are mounted. but i may be wrong
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