In the last episode (Nov 10), Garcia, Tony said:
> Another developer received approval to test mtree for our project. 
> He has since left and no one knows anything about this application. 
> We are looking at mtree as a way to provide auditing of machines for
> permissions, ownership and date changes as well as performing cksum
> on each file.  Is there any way you can point me to documentation
> that gives me a high and low level of what mtree can do.  I've tried
> compiling the version that was downloaded, but it fails because it
> needs other files which are not present (like .h files).
> I'd appreciate any help you can provide.  The google returns are far
> too numerous to make heads or tails from.  I also have checked the
> freebsd info but I can't find any documentation.  Thank you.


Here's a blog entry that explains how to use it as a file verification
"Use mtree for filesystem integrity auditing"

        Dan Nelson
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