* Da Rock <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [2008-11-16 15:21:27 +1000]:

The reason for sending the OP to linux first is they will not be
deterred by the driver and hardware issues. Linux IS easier in this way,
and has a greater support for hardware that is used outside of a server
environment. It also allows them to learn the *nix methodology and

To the extent that Linux succeeds in making things "just work", it will
prevent or at least delay the user's learning the Unix way.

Most of us got our Unix knowledge the old-fashioned way: we earned it.
We stumbled over one problem or another and fought our way through to a

When things "just work", only the technically curious will explore
beneath the hood to see exactly how they work.

Maybe we shouldn't make it a goal that every user should have that kind
of deep-water knowledge?

Should it really be a goal that every user become familiar with the
shell and commandline tools?  Why not let them live happily ever after
in a point-and-click world?

-- Charlie
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