At 12:23 AM 11/18/2008, David Horn wrote:
On Mon, Nov 17, 2008 at 8:36 PM, Derek Ragona
> I have FreeBSD 7.0 Release and if I mount_smbfs a network NTFS share I have
> a 2 GB size limit on files.  I checked the handbook and list archives but
> have not found a solution.

I just ran a quick test, and was not able to reproduce this issue with
the mount_smbfs from FreeBSD 7.0.  I tried against a Windows 2003
Server SP2, Windows XP SP3, and Samba 3.0 {on FreeBSD 7} with a 3.5GB

Was your issue with reading from or writing to a SMB share ?

It was writing to a smb share.

What is the server software and OS version ?
(if Microsoft Windows, please include Service Pack number as well, as
it might make a difference)

Windows 2003 server 32bit.

How much disk space is left on your server volume ?

Over a terabyte free

Are there disk quotas enabled on the server ?


What error message are you getting from your FreeBSD client (if any) ?

No error message, it just stopped writing at 1 Gb.  I was doing this using scp.

Can you check the smb server logs and see if you are getting any error
messages there ?

Well I'm just mounting the volume to FreeBSD from the Windows server so not sure I'll find much in the logs besides the system log, but I will look.

You may want to get a Wireshark trace and see if you can capture the
SMB error message/error code.

I have heard of people running into similar problems when running
against older server software (NT 4.0/old samba) when the SMB session
did not negotiate large file/large write support (a function of the
SMB server capabilities session negotiation)

I saw posts to that effect and that you needed samba 3.x to support large files sizes, and the lfs option. But the mount_smbfs doesn't offer any large file option.

>  Supposedly there is an smbmount as part of the
> standard samba, but that doesn't seem to install from any of the samba
> ports.

smbmount is not included in the FreeBSD port of samba, as it is Linux
kernel specific.  mount_smbfs(8) is the correct userland app.

You could always try the samba smbclient(1) to access SMB shares using
an FTP-like environment.

I saw that as an option.  I may try that to test this issue.

> Any help would be appreciated.

Sorry I do not have a good solution for you.  Perhaps someone else
will give you better advice.

Thanks for the help!


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