On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 12:23:24PM +0100, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> >I have read briefly on FreeBSD and it seems to be the winner on speed and
> >stability versus Linux and of course MS Windows.
> versus linux - of course, versus windows - it's different OS, we should 
> define how do you compare. for example running windows apps under FreeBSD 
> with wine will probably be slower than under windows.

This is not as constant a truism as one might think.  I haven't run much
software in Wine, but what I have has performed comparably with how it
did on MS Windows, for the most part.  The one case where I could even
detect a difference in performance was with World of Warcraft -- and it
performed much better under Wine than on MS Windows, even on the same

> >Anyway, how about you plus Google cash, and others (?), putting a simple
> >easy partition of MS hard  disks and FreeBSD install with a nice GUI. And
> >getting Google to distribute it to the World. My question is, how much
> once again i repeat - FreeBSD is not windows replacement. it's unix.
> All "nice GUI" for unices turned to be bad idea, every windows user will 
> say it's poor compared to windows. and they are right.

Poppycock.  There are several "desktop environments" for Unix-like
systems that compare well with MS Windows and Apple MacOS X for matters
of glitz and glamour, even giving a far more confection-laden "user
friendly" appeal overall than the proprietary competition, as I've
pointed out before:


In fact, I seem to recall responding to *you* in particular about this
subject on this mailing list before:


> it will be very nice if someone/some company produce true windows 
> compatible OS, running windows programs, windows installers, but being 
> much better and faster.

Why the hell would I want "windows installers"?  The Microsoft model of
software installation is antiquated, inefficient, restrictive, and
difficult to manage.  While I'm at it, I'd miss more of the software
available on FreeBSD if I switched to MS Windows than I do of MS Windows
software when I'm on FreeBSD.

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