On Tue, Nov 18, 2008 at 02:00:03PM -0600, Andrew Gould wrote:
> So the bottom line is:  "Get a postscript printer."  They're rather
> expensive.  It may be worth the inconvenience of sharing drive space and
> printing from the Mac via VNC window.  ;-)

The reason Postscript printers tend to be "expensive" is that they tend
to be high quality.  Only cheap, crappy "desktop" printers of the sort
that people buy for their home MS Windows systems, then replace when they
run out of ink because replacement ink cartridges cost more than half the
cost of a brand new printer, tend to be incapable of using Postscript.
There are exceptions, of course, in the form of very expensive, highly
specialized printers that are unsuitable to home or even most office use
and don't "understand" Postscript.

. . . but generally speaking, if it doesn't speak Postscript, it's
probably a heap of junk anyway.  That's my experience, at least.

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