Jan Grant writes:

>ln -s mdmfs /sbin/mount_mfs

Yes, that's a workaround I had in mind.

>As I recall, mdmfs wasn't called "mount_mfs" at the time because the
>author wasn't prepared to fight the battle he assumed (probably
>correctly) would arise out of doing so.

I can't see any problem there, if the mdmfs program is compatible
with mount_mfs.  I mean, the manpage even explicitly says, "the mdmfs
utility is designed to be a work-alike and look-alike of the
deprecated mount_mfs(8)."  Why then the different name, especially
with the result that it can no longer be used with fstab?  I mean,
the old mount_mfs doesn't seem to exist anymore so there would be no
naming conflict.

Matthias Buelow

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