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6. When in single user mode, cannot access /usr or /var

In single user mode only the root file system is mounted. Mount the others manually.

So, now I get the feeling that the installation is completely screwed.
What I would like to recover is onle a bunch of files on the /usr partition like the web stuff for apache and some other files.

What are my options? is there a way I could access these files?

It is rather strange, or is it, that I have had problems with sata hdd
connectors. In general I find that the connectors for the ps mouse and the sata connectors are rather mickey-mouse... they are often getting bad connections and without any intervention to the computer housing or innard... gremlins or strange vibrations?

There's not enough information to conclude exactly what is wrong with your machine but if you have hardware problems, you should immediately buy a new drive (USB drive will also work), boot the machine in single-user mode, mount the relevant file systems read-only and transfer important files to the new drive.

If you still want to reinstall /repair the existing system, AFAIK, FreeBSD's default installer has an "upgrade mode", in which you'll need to tell it which partition/slice was originally mounted where and it will proceed to install the base system. It will not touch your home directories or /usr/local.
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