Tijl Coosemans wrote:
On Sunday 30 November 2008 06:57:29 [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
Hello, everyone. This is the problem: our SCSI disk with FreeBSD
4.8 on it has been failing recently, so I copied its root partition
to a fresh IDE disk with cp -pR and
You should use dump and restore to copy the root partition, see:
I'd done that before trying cp -pR, as outlined by rse@:

dump -L -0 -f- /old | (cd /new && restore -r -v -f-)

which isn't too different. I think I know what the problem is: I made
the new single slice and FreeBSD partition on it and ran newfs -U on
it using the latest FreeBSD 5.x livecd toolkit, and later 4.8 can't
even mount that partition (mount /dev/ad0s1a /mnt) failing with
"incorrect superblock", so I think its /boot/loader can't load the
kernel because of FS issues (but strangely enough pressing "?" at the
boot loader prompt lists directory entries of the root FS just fine).
It turns out UFS isn't upwards compatible from releases 4.8 -> 5.5.
I'll try running newfs -U from 4.8. Last time I checked many 4.8
binaries couldn't run due to disk errors, I hope newfs runs ok...

You need to create a UFS1 file system.

Thanks a lot, I had forgotten about different UFS versions being used, and loader's showing the list of files when pressing "?" only poured more oil on the fire. This was really it.
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