I'm hoping to get a few suggestions on a quick and safe method to upgrade a
FreeBSD production server.  To date, I've been doing the following:

On a like configured staging server, cvsup the src tree.  Then perform a
full build and install as outlined in /usr/src/Makefile.  After confirming that
the host operates as planned, I create a tarball of /usr/src and /usr/obj.

I then transfer and extract the tarball on the production server(s), where I then
perform installkernel / reboot / installworld.

I'd like to find something a little quicker that doesn't require so much free
space on the production server. I've looked at DESTDIR and creating a tarball of
that directory on the staging server, but I've had problems during extraction
with files and the 'schg' flag.

Any suggestions?

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