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On Sat, Feb 22, 2003 at 11:15:25PM -0800, Daxbert wrote:
I'd like to find something a little quicker that doesn't require so
much free
space on the production server. I've looked at DESTDIR and creating a
tarball of
that directory on the staging server, but I've had problems during
with files and the 'schg' flag.

About the most effective way of doing this is to NFS mount the /usr/src and /usr/obj heirarchies from your build server onto your production server in order to run the installations. This will create all of the installed system with the correct schg flags applied, although you may see some warnings because you can't apply such flags over NFS. However that shouldn't stop the installations working.

I have a number of FreeBSD production servers on an ethernet connected to the internet. I also have a test system that is connected to the production servers via a second ethernet. That way my source (including ports) only resides on the test system. To avoid problems during the update itself, I first disconnect the production ethernet so only my machines can connect to the machine being updated. Then I mount /usr/src, /usr/obj, and /usr/ports from the test machine on the production machine. Do a make installkernel, make installworld and reboot on the production machine. Then you need to do mergemaster and most likely reboot again before reconnecting the production ethernet. Do run mergemaster on the test system first and keep a log of what you do with the files that require updating so the mergemaster on the production systems goes faster. I have been doing this for several years and never had a flags or permissions problem.

-- Doug

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