Jan Henrik Sylvester wrote:
Robin wrote:
 > I'm just wondering if it is possible to install FreeBSD from inside a
 > bootstrap operating system such as a knoppix or ubuntu preinstall?


Jan Henrik

well I tried pretty hard with the depenguinator, but it doesn't work for me. I have an 8.10 ubuntu system with swap on sda5. I had to fix a buglet related to ARG_MAX being missing while compiling glob.c, but otherwise the build seemed to work.

Have done all the suggested fixes ie making the partition bootable, changing the type to freebsd, but at boot time I get "12 : Invalid device requested.".

I suspect there's some residual problem related to not having exactly the same setup as the author's. One thing I noticed is that the bootsector is not built with knowledge of the target partition, but I don't know exactly how I could fix that, but presumably it's supposed to boot as freebsd. I see it sets partition to 4, 50000 sectors size.
Robin Becker
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