I have installed the apache2 port on my FreeBSD server: -

I have spent the evening looking on Google, FreeBSD, Apache & even M$
but I think I must really suck at searching, as I have come up with no
helpful links about Apache2 and FrontPage Extensions.

I wouldn't install them except that I've offered to host a website for a
charity & they use them :-|

Have I done wrong by installing apache2 instead of 1.3?  I hope not.
I'd rather not post here as I feel like I am a pest.  Any links that
people have found useful themselves, would be much appreciated, so I can
go away & RTFM.

Many thanks in advance,

Chris Phillips

"uname -a" & "dmesg" can be found here: http://www.furrie.net/Aphrodite/

I'm open to suggestions for some more useful things that I could include
in the webpage above?

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