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Wojciech Puchar <woj...@wojtek.tensor.gdynia.pl> wrote:
> Now i'm using FreeBSD and it got better each version.  Really better,
> not "better".
> And i really want to keep it that way, because there is no alternative
> now!

There are many constructive ways of improving FreeBSD.  You have already
submitted 7 bug reports in out bug database.  If you think you can help
by submitting *more* bug reports, testing FreeBSD patches, developing
new FreeBSD code or writing FreeBSD documentation, you are more than
welcome to do so.

Driving FreeBSD users away because you think they are 'clueless morons'
does *NOT* help.

You seem to have this twisted idea that FreeBSD is obliged to take a
direction of elitism, that the FreeBSD Project is somehow supposed to do
what _you_ think should be its direction.  I'm afraid things don't work
this way.  If you want to set the direction of the Project you will have
to go through the usual channels (become a FreeBSD developer, write a
substantial part of the OS, get elected to one of the managing teams,
and see what you can do about the project direction _then_).

When I say that FreeBSD is *not* a bunch elitist bastards and we do
*not* like driving users away, I am aware of how serious it is to 'speak
on behalf of the entire FreeBSD team'.  If you still doubt this, we can
bring it up with the Core team.  Perhaps a more official statement will
be enough to make you see that driving people away because 'they are
stupid Window users' is *NOT* one of the goals of FreeBSD.

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