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> Anyway, what is this atapicam option.  How is it implemented, from the
> loader prompt, editing the iso, or what?  BTW, how would one edit the iso?

The atapicam facility can either be loaded as a module via
kld_load (or put into /boot/loader.conf as atapicam_load="YES")
or compiled into a custom kernel.

The effect is that, when atapicam is loaded, ATA(PI) devices
can be accessed as if they were SCSI devices. Your install
devlice would then be /dev/cd0 (instead of /dev/acd0), using
"SCSI commands" to access the ATAPI drive (this is what atapicam

Editing the ISO, as far as I know, involves the /usr/src tree
on a working FreeBSD machine, then editing the source files,
and finally "make release". But I'm not sure on this, I've
never tried it.

Maybe someone with more experience on this tpoic could be
more specific and explain?

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