Matthew Seaman( 22:30:43 +0000:
> Sure LDAP is complicated, but it's of the same order of complexity as a
> RDBMS system like MySQL.   And like MySQL, there are right times, places
> and ways to use it, and wrong ones too.  Yes, there is a lot of complexity,
> but that means there's a lot of flexibility too.

>       Cheers,
>       Matthew

I can't disagree more. LDAP is way simpler than any SQL database, even
SQLite. That said because people are not familiar/don't grock the
simplicity of LDAP, they decide to use SQL databases (partly because
everyone else does). Now that we have had LDAP for so many years,
insisting on using SQL for authentication/authorization and directory
services is just not wise. This is similar to using Apache/PHP/MySQL by
default when other, simpler/better options are available. "Everyone 
else does LAMP, so will I."

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