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Because this server is monitored by Nagios and it emails me every hour a warning because the swap is not 100% free (I know it's pretty extreme, but I want to know if the system is swapping).


I'm not trying to be harsh, honestly, but stop doing things like that until you understand them. FreeBSD will *copy* (not *move*, but *copy*) stuff to swap as it sees fit. I have 6GB of RAM in my home server, and at this moment "top" says this:

Mem: 1060M Active, 1712M Inact, 549M Wired, 5352K Cache, 214M Buf, 2600M Free
Swap: 16G Total, 3068K Used, 16G Free

I know for a fact that I've never used 100% of the RAM since the last reboot, but it's still played around with 3MB of swap. This is not hurting anything, and absolutely is *not* an indication that anything is wrong or sub-optimal.

Seriously, get over your obsession with keeping swap utterly empty before it drives you nuts. FreeBSD isn't designed to work that way and you'll be fighting it for no good reason whatsoever.
Kirk Strauser

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