Lowell Gilbert wrote:
Noah <adm...@enabled.com> writes:

I am trying to run a shell command to the host at the far end of an ssh
tunnel.   Here is how I structured access.  Is there any way to do this
more compactly on one line?

ssh -L 12345: n...@domain.com
ssh -p 12345 localhost 'chown -R noah:noah /shares/internal/Music/'

Maybe I haven't had enough coffee yet, but wouldn't that just be
ssh n...@ 'chown -R noah:noah /shares/internal/Music/'
?  You might even want to use '-n' as an option to the ssh command.

I cant do this since I need to reach a publicly addressable host before reaching the server at . Therefore I am under the impression I need to tunnel through the publicly addressed host first then I can ssh to .
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