Ian Lord wrote:
> Hi,
> We had a power lost even though we have ups and generators (still
> investigating it) and when the machine rebooted one of the disk seems to be
> failed :
> The system complains about fsck repaired failed and that I must run it
> manually. It then boots in single user mode.
> I entered gvinum and pressed “l” to see the status of the drive and I get
> this:
> My volume is UP
> My plex is shown as degraded
> I have 3 of the 4 subdisks shown as UP the 4th is shown as down.
> Running “gvinum /dev/gvinum/RAID5” which is the name of my volume gets me
> this error:
> ** /dev/gvinum/RAID5
> Cannot find file system superblock
> Ioctl (GCINFO): Inapropriate ioctl for device
> fsck_ufs: /dev/gvinum/RAID5: can’t read disk label
> I tried “bsdlabel gvinum/RAID5” it tells me there is no valid label found
> Does anyone knows what I can try to try to put back system online (at least,
> so I can restore a backup on the disk)

I'm trying to find my vinum notes, but can't as of yet...

What does a:

# fsck -y /dev/gvinum/RAID5


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