Ian Lord wrote:

>> Does anyone knows what I can try to try to put back system online (at
> least,
>> so I can restore a backup on the disk)
> I'm trying to find my vinum notes, but can't as of yet...
> What does a:
> # fsck -y /dev/gvinum/RAID5
> ...yield...anything?
> Steve
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
> Same :(
> But thanks all, I just did a newfs and currently restoring backups on it
> Strange... Last time I will will gvinum, nothing as stable as a hardware
> controller I guess :(

Good job on keeping backups.

Hardware is just as apt to fail as software is. I don't care what anyone
says. Here's a mantra to stick by. I'm sure others will concur.

- do backups (archive, and availability type)
- verify integrity
- do more backups (hot and storage)
- restore backups to test gear
- make sure all live and archive backups restore properly, and efficiently

People put too much emphasis on backup (even though unfortunately not
enough do it at all). The real emphasis should not be put on having a
backup, it should be placed squarely on how quickly can you restore from

Glad you are getting back into operation.

For those who may please, a colleague of mine pointed out a decent
'backup' mis-understanding disaster just today on slashdot to me...

Also, kids, think about it this way, regardless if you use hardware or
software storage mechanisms. If you can't perform the following command
on one of your critical servers and restore the data, you're doing it
wrong...you need to ask further questions:

# rm -rf

Seriously. This is a great opportunity to get everyone aware of what a
'backup' actually is. Happy new year all, and let all of your data
failures be recoverable!

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