I am portuguese, and so I need accents above a few letter, like a, e and i. I mean: ã â á à é è í ì ê, etc etc etc...
I am really confused with the accents.

In most X apps these accents work well, but for example, in a xterm, with the "ee" editor, I can write the accented letter correctly. But when I use "more" to read the file I just created with "ee" I cant see these accented letters correctly!

With aterm, not even with "ee" this works it appears: ~a, 'e,`e, `i, etc etc etc...

/etc/rc.conf has:

/etc/X11/xorg.conf has:
Section "InputDevice"
   Identifier     "Keyboard0"
   Driver         "kbd"
   Option "XKbModel" "abnt2"
   Option "XKbLayout" "pt"

how can I solve this?
Is it impossible to list and also name files with accented letter?


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