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Their network design supports no more than 16 hops on the
way to
a DHCP server,
but increasing the (hard-coded) TTL
(at line 159 in /usr/src/contrib/isc-dhcp/common/packet.c) can help fix the
I would like to manually try to connect to my isp before i try changing the
for DHCP.
I got my network info from my lrp operating system. I would like to switch
to bsd.
can i use traceroute to find out the number of hops i am currently taking to
to my isp's dhcp server?

Had another thought, can you traceroute from the machine that is properly connecting? Are you sure that you can't get an IP address because of the TTL? I find it very odd that the DHCP server would be that far away, but stranger things have happened.

manual configuration
ifconfig_rl0="inet netmask"    #
ifconfig_rl1="inet netmask"

default_router=" rl0"

This should be: defaultrouter=""

default_router=" rl1"

^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ This is wrong. Don't put that in.


Why do i not need to have two default routes, I have 2 networks? I am sure you
are correct, I guess i just don't understand why.

A "default route" or "default gateway" is defined as the place the software sends traffic when it doesn't know how else to reach the machine in question. The assumption is that the "default route" computer will know where to send it.

Other routes are added automagically, without needing your intervention.  For
example, when you ifconfig the rl1 interface, the network software automatically
adds a route to 192.168.1.*, based on the IP/netmask that you configured.  The
network software then knows that all computers in that range can be reached
through that network card.

Additionally, having a default route that points back to itself results in an
infinite loop (if the machine will even let you do it).  The effect is: machine
doesn't know how to reach host, so sends to default route, doesn't know how
to reach host, sends to default route.  It just keeps receiving the same traffic
that it doesn't know what to do with.

is there a way i can find out
the ip addr of my dhcp server?

Call your ISP, or if you have a machine that is working properly, check where it got it's IP address. Most OSes will tell you (even Windows).

does this even work: default_router=" rl1"

No. "default_router" is a syntax error, it should be "defaultrouter" and the interface name at the end is not supposed to be there. The system will automagically determine the interface that belongs to the route.

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