On Tuesday 25 February 2003 21:08, someone, possibly Richard morris, typed:
> I was wondering is it possible or if i can change the refresh rate on
> XF86Config file. I've seen a line in the file that says vertrefresh 50 -
> 120 i was wondering if i can just have one value there and if that would
> change my refresh rate on my monitor because my screen is out of range at
> certain resolutions. that is why i need to change my refresh rate. I can
> assure you that the resolutions i use are supported by the monitor and
> video adaptor.

The information you need is in the XF86Config(5) manpage, but the briefe 
version follows:

There are infact two settings you can use in the monitor section to do this. 
The HorizSync options sets horizontal syncronization frequency, and 
VertRefresh sets the (vertical) refresh rate.

The easiest way to do this, if you know the exact refresh rates your monitor 
wants for these resolutions, is to set them like this: (For a monitor that 
wants 68.5KHz horizontal and 85.0 vertical)

HorizSync       68.5
VertRefresh     85.0

Be warned, this will force XFree86 to operate ONLY at those refresh rates. 
This will disable all modes that do not function properly at those rates. 
You may want to include values for each mode your monitor supports and 
which you want to use, this can be done like:

HorizSync       31.5,68.5
VertRefresh     60.,85.0

The standard setting is to specify a range of possible values, and let the 
video card BIOS take its pick. Most people have non-standard monitors 
though. These do not follow VESA specifications and will behave strangely 
with range settings. Even so, setting a range is still optimal, and if you 
monitor supports digital controle, I would sugest rather setting the 
monitor to the proper CRT limits than limiting refresh rates available to 
your system.


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