On 2003-02-25 13:08, Richard morris <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I was wondering is it possible or if i can change the refresh rate
> on XF86Config file. I've seen a line in the file that says
> vertrefresh 50 - 120 i was wondering if i can just have one value
> there and if that would change my refresh rate on my monitor because
> my screen is out of range at certain resolutions. that is why i need
> to change my refresh rate. I can assure you that the resolutions i
> use are supported by the monitor and video adaptor. I WOULD

The X server will use the vertica refresh and horizontal refresh
frequncies that you specify in the ModeLine you're using.  The two
lines shown below are only used as limits that keep your X server
from attempting to push the video adapter or monitor too high
(possibly causing one of them to have serious problems in the

        HorizSync    30.0 - 70.0
        VertRefresh  50.0 - 120.0

The part that tells your X server what horizontal and vertical refresh
rate to use is the ModeLine if you have one.  If you search in Google
for "+x11 +modeline" you will find lots of pages that explain what a
ModeLine is, how to set it up, even some links to CGI scripts that
will guide you through the process of calculating the proper values
for a custom ModeLine of yours.

- Giorgos

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