Lowell Gilbert wrote:
"Bert-Jan" <i...@bert-jan.com> writes:
What is the proper way to handle this ? Can I run a command after the
update finishes that regenerates the account databases from the
master.passwd ? I checked the history and *I* never touched it during the
update, so it was merged like it should.

I'm not sure what the proper way is; there's certainly code in there to
update the databases automatically, so you *shouldn't* have to do
anything.  To do the same thing manually, you can use pwd_mkdb(8).  When
you edit the password database with vipw(8), this is handled for you.

If freebsd-update installs a new master.passwd file, it will regenerate the
databases from it.  All I can guess in this case is that freebsd-update couldn't
manage to merge updates into master.passwd automatically, and when it opened up
the file in an editor for you to fix, you didn't merge things properly.

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