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Randy Pratt <bsd-u...@embarqmail.com> wrote:

>You might consider using Docsnap.  This allows you to maintain all
>the FreeBSD documentation with a minimum of effort.
>Docsnap is an rsync repository for easy updating of installed
>FreeBSD documentation (/usr/share/doc).
>The first run may take longer but subsequent updates take very
>little time.  Only the differences in the documents are transferred.
>That is the main advantage but you also do not need to install ports
>with hefty overhead to build documents.
>Rsync is only utility required (/usr/ports/net/rsync). Typical usage:
>  # rsync -rltvz docsnap.sk.FreeBSD.org::docsnap /usr/share/doc/
>For more information see http://docsnap.sk.freebsd.org/ and possibly
>the rsync manual page.

I reported last week that this was not working. It still fails with the
following error message:

~ # rsync -rltvz docsnap.sk.FreeBSD.org::docsnap /usr/share/doc/
rsync: failed to connect to docsnap.sk.FreeBSD.org: Connection refused
(61) rsync error: error in socket IO (code 10) at clientserver.c(124)

I was under the impression that someone was looking into it. Is there
any estimated time for the link to be fixed?


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