Hi Frank,

thanks a lot for looking into it. Yes one server is an older FreeBSD 6.1, the other 7.0 so they certainly aren't identical servers. But they do have same version of apache (2.2.9) and same version of the perl script, and as far as I can tell same config for default PATH etc. I had a look and there doesnt appear to be anything setting the path in the apache conifg, perhaps it could be a compiled in default path?!
I'll ask the apache experts and see if they can help,

thanks again, Andy.

Quoting Frank Shute <fr...@shute.org.uk>:

Hi Andy,

I had to look at the Camel book & although it isn't explicit, it seems
like the script inherits the environment of the calling process i.e
Apache in this case. Apache sets the environment with SetEnv (or at
least 1.3 does, I don't run 2*) as it can't inherit one from user www
since it doesn't have one. So have you had a look at httpd.conf and
.htaccess on each machine?

BTW, one machine uses an "old" PATH with /usr/X11R6/bin in it. That
disappeared some time ago. That may or may not be a clue.

In short, I think this is probably an Apache question & you might have
more informative answers from there.

Sorry I can't be more helpful but quite a few Apache people run
FreeBSD and they're likely to be more help than I am.

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