Gary Kline wrote:
        Guys, I've got several directories off ~kline/ that I want to
        store permanently.  Like all my development code in ~/devel, and
        all my music mp3's and ogg's in ~/Music, and all my online and
        mp3 books from in ~/readings.  There are PDF files
        and HTML and a slew of other stuff.

        Can I use K3B or some other GUI program to create a filesystem on
        either a few CD's or one DVD?  Right now, I'm cross-backing up
        stuff to four live servers.  It's just data, but I would like to
        be able to inset it into my optical tray, cd to it and cd to
        wherever and read or listen to AND (if some disaster strikes) be
        able to copy my files from the disc to the computer.

        I think I figured out how to create a tiny filesystem on a floppy
        disc, but this was a Long time ago.  Anything "push-button"?



You can always try to tar it up directly

tar -czf /dev/acd0 ~kline/ ~devel/

Good luck.
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