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> Yes, but keep in mind that /dev/dvd points to /dev/acd0 and
> not to /dev/cd0:

This can be changed by "link cd0 dvd" in /etc/devfs.

        % ll /dev/dvd
        lrwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  3 Jan 23 17:16 /dev/dvd@ -> cd0

> IIRC, growisofs needs atapicam, i.e. /dev/cd0, but I may be mistaken.

Yes, I think it does. Its manpage mentiones /dev/dvd explicitely,
so if you're using atapican anyways, it's quite handy to have the
symlink above - for copy + paste from the manpage. :-)

Tools like cdrdao and cdrecord use atapicam, too.

> If you use tar to write to CD/DVD, you can't mount that directly
> (unless it's supported as a special fusefs filesystem).

You can't? You *don't need* to. :-)

> If you write a UFS filesystem to CD/DVD, you can mount it from
> FreeBSD (and probably other BSDs like NetBSD, OpenBSD, ...), but
> not from, say, Windows. So yes, it will work on FreeBSD.

That's quite nice to avoid curious people from browsing the CD.
on "Windows", the media cannot be read. :-)

> If you write an ISO-9660 filesystem on the CD/DVD, you can mount it
> from FreeBSD/Linux/Unix/... and Windows. It will work.

And on Mac OS X, too.

> As archive, I'd recommend a filesystem that can be mounted by
> as many platforms as possible, and that is currently ISO-9660
> with RockRidge and Joliet.

I would recommend that way, too. Having read support for as
many platforms as possible is always a good idea. As you already
mentioned, it may be interesting if your machine for reading
back data is surprisingly not a FreeBSD machine.

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