On Fri, Jan 23, 2009 at 05:09:51PM +0100, Wojciech Puchar wrote:
> >     Guys, I've got several directories off ~kline/ that I want to
> >     store permanently.  Like all my development code in ~/devel, and
> >     all my music mp3's and ogg's in ~/Music, and all my online and
> >     mp3 books from libribox.org in ~/readings.  There are PDF files
> >     and HTML and a slew of other stuff.
> man mkisofs
> man growisofs
> that's all.
> mkisofs creates ISO image
> growisofs records DVD
> you can make growisofs run mkisofs in-flight so no image file has to be 
> made.
> >
> >     either a few CD's or one DVD?  Right now, I'm cross-backing up
> it's best NOT to use "GUI" interfaces for this. as always - doing it from 
> command line is much easier when you learn.

        I understand that!  ...learned the hard way:)  Then again, I
        cheated and successfully used the K3B data-dvd mode.  It only
        seemed to work 50%, then hung, but amazingly, the folder icons on
        the top left were movable to the large space on the lower right
        half.  I chose the verify option.

        Now back to my original plans of using the command-line tool set.
        So far, so good.  

        After a dozen failures, your earlier post did work.  I did a
        mkdir cdr; cp'd hundreds of megs into it, then ran mkisofs.  And 
        lastly ran dvdisaster against the iso file to get an ECC listing.

        Now to find out how to burn this image to a CD or DVD.... 

> and - you ARE NOT forced to use ISO-9660 filesystem.
> in unix recorded DVD is just readonly disk, you can use any filesystem it 
> supports.

        So long as this is readable on FBSD, Linux, or a Mac, I'll be
> if you do this often and your DVD's don't need to be windoze-readable 
> (which could be adventage sometimes) then:
> - create partitions of exactly 9180416 sectors (which is 2295104 2K 
> sectors - exactly DVD size)
> - use newfs to create partition. for best results use options
>  newfs -m 0 -b 32768 -f 4096 -i 524288
> note that -i specify how much bytes is available per inode. more 
> given=less inodes created and less space wasted, but you may run out of 
> inodes storing small files.
> this example allows you to store about 8900 files.

        wHat are the numbers ofr a CD-R/CD+RW?  Would growisofs be able
        to figure this out from scanning a 700MB disc?  (I have more CD's
        than DVD's.)

> - mount it and record what you like as usual
> - unmount and use growisofs to record a disc.
> use that disc with
> mount -r /dev/cd0 /mountpoint
        Thanks much.  A FWIW to anyone reading this who is new to this
        optical stuff.  Roland Smith has an outstanding writeup on how
        to configure the /etc/devfs files.  I used in in late '07, then 
        after my network meltdown when I needed to start from square-one, 
        his tutorial got me going again.


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