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>       After a dozen failures, your earlier post did work.  I did a
>       mkdir cdr; cp'd hundreds of megs into it, then ran mkisofs.  And 
>       lastly ran dvdisaster against the iso file to get an ECC listing.
>       Now to find out how to burn this image to a CD or DVD.... 

There are several possibilities. The hard way? :-)

1. Record on CD-R(W)

        a) FreeBSD's burncd

                % burncd -e -v -s 16 -f /dev/acd0 data cdr.iso fixate

        b) The port cdrtools (includes cdrecord)

                % cdrecord dev=1,0,0 speed=16 -v -eject -tao -data cdr.iso

2. Record on DVD+-*/R(W)

        The port dvd+rw-tools (includes growisofs)

                growisofs -dvd-compat -Z /dev/dvd=cdr.iso

        This example implies the following setting in /etc/devfs.conf:

                link    cd0     dvd

        Alter device to fit your needs.

As aleays, check the manpages. They're helpful and include kind-of
copy & paste examples.

Note that 1 b) and 2 need atapicam (in kernel or via kldload).

For 1 b), you can check which SCSI ID corresponds to your recorder
using the command

        % camcontrol devlist

Have in mind that permissions have to be set correctly in order to
access these devices for writing. It's intended to be that way. :-)

Finally, check the optimal writing speed for your CDs and DVDs.

>       So long as this is readable on FBSD, Linux, or a Mac, I'll be
>       happy.  

These platforms will read everything that has been mentioned in
this thread already, because they're real operating systems (and
not excuses for being none). :-)

I think the ISO-9660 + RockRidge is the most comfortable way for
what you intend - allthough the tar method (or even the UFS method)
won't be any problem here. But as I said, maximum compatibility is
always welcome for backups.

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