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> IMO these basic window managers are ok if you *only* use them via a
> keyboard, but if you ever use a mouse they're very poor ergonomically.

Well, I found this a problem, too, but very early recognized that
there are window managers that can actually combine keyboard AND
mouse control at a very user-friendly level. Such a window manager
is WindowMaker.

It can even utilize the keys on the left of a Sun Type 6 keyboard
for window manager functions (front, back, roll up, hide, full-
screen etc.) which "the big DEs" can't.

What I don't like personally about "the big DEs" is their way of
handling windows through the means of the mouse. You're forced
to click on tiny buttons, and if you enlarge the control buttons,
you end up with uselessly wasting screen space. In WindowMaker,
there are many operations that don't force me to first move the
mouse to a certain place and THEN do the operation I want. This
makes windowing operations, especially in operations context,
very fast and easily.

So professional window managing isn't about minimalism only. There
are other window managers that can provide effects and "bells
and whistles" very efficiently, if you think you need them.
But, of course, they're not "mainstream".

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